MikroVPS KVM VPS Review

MikroVPS KVM VPS Review of DMCA ignored web hosting

MikroVPS is a no DMCA web hosting provider located in Hungary and they provide a wide range of services including KVM VPSes, LXC VPSes, Storage VPSes, dedicated servers, shared web hosting, email hosting, domains, and even server admin services. I’m always seeing people ask for “No DMCA” or “DMCA Ignored” web hosting providers on various forums and reddit so I figured I would let people know about MikroVPS and give a review of their Cloud KVM VPS product.

Note: While MikroVPS is a DMCA ignored web host, they abide by the laws of Hungary and they do not allow some things (such as no minecraft, no cryptocurrency mining, etc) which you can view in their terms of service.

MikroVPS - DMCA Ignored web hosting in Hungary
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How to install MariaDB on Debian 10 Buster

Installing Mariadb server on Debian 10


MariaDB is a popular open source database server that is developed by some of the original developers of MySQL and it includes numerous enhancements over standard MySQL. It is the default database server in Debian Buster and is a drop-in replacement for MySQL (although you might want to double check MariaDB vs MySQL compatibility before migrating from MySQL to MariaDB).

This how-to guide will show you how to easily install MariaDB on Debian 10 using the main Debian Buster repository.