Smarthost is a web hosting company that was started in 2014 is ran by the old owner of (which no longer exists but was around for a very long time and some might remember their cheap vpses back in the day). They offer a range of VPS hosting products including NVMe SSD KVM VPSes, OpenVZ VPSes, and Windows Server VPSes, and also dedicated servers. They have a nice amount of locations in the United States and 2 locations in Europe as of this review (and they apparently have more locations in the works!).

I came across them recently while browsing for new Offers on LowEndTalk and initially I was going to just pass by their offer but then I saw that their owner was the owner of the old web hosting company and I figured I would give them a try (especially with their starting base KVM VPS price being so cheap). Let’s just get on with the review and performance though!


MikroVPS KVM VPS Review

MikroVPS KVM VPS Review of DMCA ignored web hosting

MikroVPS is a no DMCA web hosting provider located in Hungary and they provide a wide range of services including KVM VPSes, LXC VPSes, Storage VPSes, dedicated servers, shared web hosting, email hosting, domains, and even server admin services. I’m always seeing people ask for “No DMCA” or “DMCA Ignored” web hosting providers on various forums and reddit so I figured I would let people know about MikroVPS and give a review of their Cloud KVM VPS product.

Note: While MikroVPS is a DMCA ignored web host, they abide by the laws of Hungary and they do not allow some things (such as no minecraft, no cryptocurrency mining, etc) which you can view in their terms of service.

MikroVPS - DMCA Ignored web hosting in Hungary
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